A creative human expression is ART!

A creative human expression is ART! Mostly in visual form, Art is a diverse range of human activity, that involves imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency. Research has proved that this talent in humans comes out the best when it is nurtured and developed in serene and natural environment.

IKSHANA’s campus promises just this. IKSHANA has its’s campus built in the lap of nature, near the small town of Trimbakeshwar, near Nashik. Surrounded by the hills of Bramhagiri, this beautiful campus is located on a sprawling 7000 square feet area. An environment conducive for developing art and artists, the campus is adequate with all the facilities necessary for every sphere of art.

On the campus, students and teachers have open communication and create a hassle-free environment necessary for the inspiration of art. IKSHANA gives you the best education environment on the campus, full of energy, teaches you to think out of the box, open your mind and spread your wings.

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