About IKSHANA Academy

Welcome to IKSHANA: Where Creativity Knows No Limits

A modernistic academy, building the future of Design, Photography & Cinematography

IKSHANA, a centre for education in Design, Photography & Cinematography, is an extraordinary learning academy. It comes with a vision from its founder members. We want to build an academy, fostering the excellence of emerging and established creators and advancing art to create a more human world. IKSHANA, established and run by passionate professionals in various fields of art, provides, as the name suggests, a unique vision for Design, Photography & Cinematography. We formulate unique teaching methods, which give more one-to-one interaction between teachers and students.

Our Mission at IKSHANA

To nurture and encourage the student's visualisation and skills providing all the best guidance and facilities. And presenting the world with polished professionals in Designing, Photography & Cinematography.
To create a space where some of the finest creators flourish and establish their vision.


A Collective of Creative Minds and Passionate Experts

IKSHANA's Objectives

Enriching Creative Education and Empowering Artistic Pursuits


Performance objectives with contributions from everyone on the team. Co-created with the team members & aligned for larger organizational good.


Activities lead to development of a project, activities bring the team together for common deliverables.


A time line is the ultimate guide for the deliverables, which has to be maintained and sustained.

What People Say About IKSHANA

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