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Discovering IKSHANA

A modernistic academy, building the future of Photography, Cinematography, Visual communication (Graphic design) & Digital concept art.

IKSHANA,a centre for education in Photography, Cinematography, Visual communication (Graphic design) & Digital concept art, is an extraordinary learning academy. It comes with a vision from its founder members who want to build an academy, fostering the excellence of emerging established creators and advancing art to create a more human world. IKSHANA, established and run by passionate professionals from these fields, provides, as the name suggests, a unique vision for Photography, Cinematography, Visual communication (Graphic design) & Digital concept art.

At IKSHANAone can find exclusive courses with great learning opportunities and practical applications. We formulate unique teaching methods, which give more one-to-one interaction between teachers and students. The campus provides the most conducive environment for the students to learn more. At completion, students are encouraged and provided full guidance through a bright career.

IKSHANA has passion-driven expert faculty, which understands the domain and students’ needs. The faculty streamlines the latest growing software and technological aspects related to the profession and encourage the students to gather as much knowledge as possible regarding these streams. At the same time, traditional techniques and methods are not dropped either. Because we at IKSHANA believe that progress and development in every field are possible when we take the tradition along with us and glorify it with new technology.


Fostering Creativity and Empowering Artistic Vision at IKSHANA

To nurture and encourage the student's visualization and skills providing all the best guidance and facilities. And presenting the world with polished professionals in Photography, Cinematography, Visual communication (Graphic design) & Digital concept art.


Illuminating Creativity and Shaping Artistic Futures at IKSHANA

To create a space where some of the finest creators flourish and establish their vision.


Our faculty is one of the most experienced ones, in this genre of Visual art. Seeing is believing! Capturing what you see and making it more appealing is what photography is all about. At IKSHANA, we take you through the basics of camera, lights, and the subject, to the intricacies of the lenses and the posture.

Be it an event, a portrait, nature or an object. IKSHANA teaches you ‘that’ perfect angle to make look it better. Pictures are a storyboard that creates memories, closer to the heart, and IKSHANA values that emotion for the perfect shot.

Photography Workshop at IKSHANA
Design Studio at IKSHANA


As the world gets smaller with every passing day, graphic designing is becoming more crucial to every sphere of life. Visually appealing communication not only draws attention but also gives a repeat eyeball. Visual communication is the practice of conveying information through visual elements. Graphic design is a subset of visual communication that focuses on creating visual content for various media such as print, digital, and social media. IKSHANA provides design efforts in various forms. Be it as a digital concept or as visual communication. With social media ranking the highest in our lives, designing our Brands, products and ourselves is crucial today.

IKSHANA helps you get there and makes you do it in an ‘eye-ball-catchy’ way!


When photos move and talk, it becomes cinematography. Art and technology for photography provide you with a new insight which is known as Cinematography. At IKSHANA we teach you all the techniques related to and required for Cinematography. From the general composition of a scene; the lighting of the set or location; the choice of cameras, lenses, filters, and film stock; the camera angle and movements; the integration of any special effects, and much more about Cinematography is to acquire skills at IKSHANA.

IKSHANA gives you practical knowledge in the essentials of film-making with the 5 ‘C’s viz: Camera, Continuity, Cutting, Close-ups & Composition. Professional lectures by some of the best cinematographers in the industry at IKSHANA are its USP.

Cinematography Studio at IKSHANA
Workshop at IKSHANA


Once known as computer art or new media art, Digital Concept Art refers to art made using software, computers, or other electronic devices. Anything produced or made on digital media, such as animations, photographs, illustrations, videos, digital paintings, and such can be classified as digital art. A concept artist is a designer who creates visualizations of characters, creatures, settings, and other elements that give life to a story. These designs become the basis for world-building in games, tv shows, movies, and more.

IKSHANA helps you master the fundamentals of drawing and painting and makes you practice with digital and traditional tools. How to create something bold, original, and unique, how to accentuate your audience, and how to put forth the story, are what is offered at IKSHANA Academy.

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