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Welcome to Ikshana Academy

Where we turn your passion into a career. Our courses in Photography, Cinematography, Graphic Design and 2D Animation are taught by top industry experts. You’ll learn new techniques and make art that matters.
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Ikshana's Campus

Creativity is an expression of Human Nature!

IKSHANA has its’s campus built in the lap of nature, near the small town of Trimbakeshwar, near Nashik. Surrounded by the hills of Bramhagiri, this beautiful campus is located on a  An environment conducive for developing art and artists, the campus is adequate with all the facilities necessary for every sphere of art.

01. Sprawling 30,000 square feet area.
02.Industry Standard Equipment
03.Live Projects & Massive Sets
Studio Room
Programming courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Most students fail to land their dream job in this creative field, and many just struggle to survive in this tough era. We want to give our students the power of a creative eye. That will not only result in mastery in creative arts, but also create a long term association with Industry experts.

You can register for free consultation. First, you need to book a demo, contact for more info.

The course will last for 1 year, with practical trainings, workshops and super exciting learn sessions.

Anyone can start their career in these creative art fields, but at Ikshana, the advisable starting age would be 16 year onward.

Hey Buddy! don’t you worry. Our team will help you figure out everything, from stay to your food. All you need to do is focus on your education.

Absolutely! you can 100% earn and learn, we will also offer some opportunities. But, it would be advisable to complete the course and then start earning.

Well, it’s upto you, we offer 100% Placement Assitance, we can help you land your first job or help you setup your own thing. We will also offer projects and events for you to keep sharpening the creative knife.



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